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Tuition/Course Equipment Fees

Please see our studies section for total cost of our courses

Financial Aid - As an accredited institution students can apply:

  • Through your local bank or credit union.
  • Sponsorship through a local band.


To secure enrollment on any of our courses the registration of $100.00 must be paid at time of receipt of acceptance letter or a letter from a sponsor, otherwise the school cannot promise a seat in the class of your choice. Exceptions may be made for students being sponsored.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is crucial for practical and theory progression. You will be asked to leave school if:

  • You drop below 80% attendance in a given month
  • You miss 5 days in a row at any given time
  • You miss 5% of your total hours at any time during the course.
  • You miss so much time it affects your contractual date and makes your end date 10 days or more later than it should be.

Severe conditions, hospitalization or death of an immediate family member will be given special consideration but documentation will be required. If a students funding has been sponsored and he or she does not meet the class requirements then he or she must be reported to the sponsor.